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Welcome to REAL restaurant guidance in Indianapolis!

What's the deal?

Who is the Fud Gai, And what does Fud Gai mean? Well pronounce the "u" with a long vowel and the "ai" as in "Mai Tai" and I think you'll grok it. And I am the Fud Gai, first name Rex, I was born of humble rural roots, but after a slow start was gradually introduced to both the adventurous would of gourmet cuisine and the astonishing world of ethnic cuisine. So while I still like my White Castles and "buy 'em by the sack", I will travel many clicks to eat terrific Vietnamese or Russian victuals, just to name a few.

I live in the growing (sometimes faster than imaginable, often not nearly as THERE as the movers and shakers would like to think we are) metropolis of Indianapolis, which due to recent years of influx of foreign nationals and folks from the coasts, primarily drawn to support the burgeoning health care industry & med-tech sector here, has seen an explosion of restaurants beyond the fried and the true. While we are still awash in sports bars wielding buffalo wings galore and dime-a-dozen chain family chock-a-blocks like Applebees, Bennigans, etc., there seems to be a new Sushi bar opening every week, albeit almost to the man, each one is run by Koreans or any other oriental persuasion other than true Nipponese, which as any true sashimi aficionado KNOWS are the real deal. You put your intestinal flora on the line in the hands of the fish handlers, so don't travel with anyone less than one of the Rising Sons.

Yet, this is still a step forward for Indy-a-no-place, and its rep for being a cornfield with a racetrack in the middle of it. I aim to write about food. About what is being dished in the city's various establishments, old & new, tony & humble, steady & dodgy, budget & upscale. From a different POV than you usually see in the regular columns in town. Not from a so-called critic's "trained eye", not from a polished journalistic need to write the next epicurean "Ulysses" but neither from a neophyte's "gee whiz" angle either. Just a regular guy, who has had some exposure to culture, but knows not to lord it over his readers.

Unlike one noted critic I won't drone on about wines, I feel most of you who are in the know, are, well, in the know, or know where to get good wine info in town, be it Wine Guy or Kahn's or Trader Joe's, etc. Unlike another beloved, long-time multimedia critic (who is a real nice guy, and, hell, I like him too), I will tell it like it is. If the place sucks, you'll hear about it. No punches pulled. Maybe some will be softened, in order to avoid being hassled, but truth is truth and opinion is opinion. If I didn't have a good experience, you'll know why. And I'll try to...er...write in captivating prose and be more informed about the various ethnic, regional & gourmet foods, unlike most of the other city's "critics," many who can do one or the other, but not both. I'll shoot holes in long-standing bastions of graze praise and shout about missed gems on the local horizon, ones that, for whatever reason, don't seem to get any press, notice or word-of-mouth.

One more thing. This is not my job, Just a diversion I hope to enjoy doing on a monthly basis. I don't have any publisher subsidizing my meals. And the cost of eating out in the greater Indianapolis area anymore is bordering on the absurd. Thus, I'll try to get a column up about once a month, more or less. I'll number & date them, so you can keep track. If I get game and have a wild hare, maybe I'll write some special columns to cover a slow period. We'll see how it works out, additionally I'll consider all y'alls feedback.



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